The Collins-Maxwell Junior & Senior Prom was held at the Maxwell High School gym this past Saturday; the prom has not been held at the school in quite a few years.

In previous years it has been held at the Maxwell Community Center, but the junior class planned things a little differently this year, and I think they had some really beautiful results. The theme was "Skyfall," from the newest James Bond film. Decorations, handmade by the students and parents, were very impressive.

The Grand March started at 6 p.m. in the new gym, and a little after 6:30, people slowly started to trickle into the old gym. There were some parents and grandparents stopping by to check out where the dinner and dance were going to be held, snapping pictures and even checking where the place settings were for particular students. It was very nice to see all the interest of the community coming in to see all the hard work of the junior class and their parents, and since it was held at the school this year, even some of the seniors got to help decorate a little bit.

Decorations for Grand March made their way over to the stage, and by 7 p.m., parents were ready to serve dinner. The dancing started exactly at 8 p.m. and ended at 11.

After Prom activities took the students and chaperones to the State Gym in Ames, then back to the school for an early morning breakfast. There were lot of tired students and parents on Sunday, but I saw lots of smiles on everyones’ faces Saturday, so I’d say "Skyfall Prom 2014" was a success.