3/7: Officer responded to the 400 block of Pearl Street for an altercation between and landlord and tenant. The altercation was verbal in nature. The landlord had left the scene at the time of officer arrival. Possible charges for harassment are being looked into.

3/12: Officer responded to a vehicle accident at the 500 block of Pearl. A vehicle operated by a Ballard student had stuck a legally parked vehicle while backing out of a driveway. Minimal damage to both vehicles. No injuries.

3/24: Officer responded to a single vehicle accident on Fourth near 580th. A vehicle operated by a 22-year-old Ankeny man slid on the road and ran over a stop sign, causing approximately $1500 in damage to the vehicle. No injuries. Officer responded to a single vehicle accident on Fourth street near city limits. A vehicle operated by a 48-year-old Cambridge woman slid into the ditch and struck a tree causing approximately $400 in damage. No injuries.

3/30: Officer took a complaint of harassment at the 400 block of Pearl Street. A vehicle operated by an unknown juvenile had driven by the victim, yelling threats of violence and offensive language. A partial plate and vehicle description was gathered. Ongoing.

Officers issued two citations for the month for traffic offenses and gave 12 warnings. Officers had 10.25 hours of investigations, answering questions or giving assistance and 70.25 hours of general patrol. Officer had 28 calls for service or information and had a total of 67 contacts for the month.

(These reports issued by the Huxley Police Department)