Fjeldberg Lutheran church witnessed a whole new level of generosity this year with their homeless outreach. People have been bringing in donations all year, including travel soaps, homemade quilts, coats, bags and more. Local businesses including Thrivent, Hardware Hank, Hy-Vee on Main, Theisen’s, Kreg Tool, South Story Bank, Sam’s Club, congregation members and community members stepped up.

When the collections stopped and were totaled, there was an incredible 3,000 items and $900 to still shop with, creating in total 40 bags and another 10 totes full of coats, clothing, food and other supplies for individuals to take from. This was our fourth year making the bags, and it was the biggest yet. About 100 people joined together for a Thanksgiving meal, followed by packing the bags. It is really incredible to see so many people coming together to make a difference in the lives of others.

When the group went to Des Moines, they partnered with Youth and Shelter Services in Iowa, who took them to well-known areas that people “camp” during the winter. Almost every individual was in need of a coat and over 60 winter coats were given away. The group that went was impacted by the experience and will be sharing those experiences with the congregation to continue furthered support in the future.

The church is already accepting donations again for next year; donations can be back packs, hygiene supplies, coats, blankets or other winter items.