Sand is an assistant attorney general from Decorah known for his career prosecuting financial crimes.

Democrat Rob Sand became the first candidate Monday to jump in the race for state auditor of Iowa, posing the lone challenge so far to incumbent Mary Mosiman.

Sand, an assistant attorney general from Decorah, launched his candidacy Monday morning with a video announcement noting his work as a white collar crime prosecutor and the failure of Mosiman to maintain Iowa's financial health.

"Now we're in a situation where we're awash with red ink and using emergency funds just to make ends meet for ordinary expenses," Sand said in the one minute video. "We have a massive hole in the state budget right now but the current auditor said that it's in great shape."

At the end of the video, Sand is shown with hunting gear, stating, "I'm running for state auditor because we need a financial crimes prosecutor who won't miss when it comes to taxpayers' money."

According to a press release about the campaign launch, Sand enjoys fishing, hunting and biking in his spare time.

As an assistant attorney general, he led the nationwide lottery-fixing investigation that uncovered seven fraudulent lottery tickets across five states with total face values of $25 million.

Sand formally announced his campaign Monday night in Decorah and will travel the state this week introducing himself to voters.

Mosiman, the Republican incumbent, was appointed by former Gov. Terry Branstad in 2013.

The primary job of the state auditor is to serve as the "taxpayers' watchdog," investigating fraudulent spending in state and local government.