Originally established in 1906, CITY Laundering is a multi-generational, family- owned company that has been providing services to Iowans for over 100 years. These services include regular scheduled deliveries of clean uniforms (including safety apparel), clean floor mats and cleaning products for food processing, industrial manufacturing, wholesale trade and other industries.

Up until now, this organization has operated mainly out of its Oelwein headquarters. However, come 2018, CITY Laundering plans to have finished construction on a new operations depot right here in central Iowa.

“When we made the decision to service the Greater Des Moines area in 2010, we knew it was just a matter of time before we wanted something more permanent,” CITY Laundering President Colin Wetlaufer said in an October press release issued by City Laundering. “We started in Des Moines with zero accounts and now we have multiple routes. We are committed to providing the best service possible to our Des Moines-area customers, and we are making a significant investment in this new facility.”

As CITY Laundering continued to grow and expand, Polk City seemed like the perfect opportunity for an additional permanent location.

“When they decided to expand into the Des Moines Metro area a few years ago, they saw opportunity in Polk City, and we are certainly flattered and very excited that this is where they have ultimately decided to build their second permanent location,” said Sheila Mahan of the Polk City Chamber of Commerce.

With the development of a new facility, City Laundering will be able to grow its business across the central Iowa area. Construction of this new building will allow the company to provide better services to customers of numerous counties including Polk, Jasper, Boone and Story.

“We pride ourselves on being locally owned and managed, and we are proud to be investing right here in our home state of Iowa,” Wetlaufer said in a press release.

While the new operations depot will provide greater opportunities for the overall business of CITY Laundering, it will also provide many benefits to the Polk City community as a whole.

“We are very excited to have CITY Laundering join our business community in Polk City,” Polk City Development Corporation Director John Calhoun said. “CITY brings a tremendous benefit to Polk City. First they are building an 11,000-square-foot building that will add to our tax base. They will also build their employee base. That base will have a tremendous effect on Polk City. In addition, the road (for the development) will also be extended and that will open up additional lots for additional businesses.”

Throughout the years, the businesses of Polk City have gained a reputation of being highly involved in their community while providing one-of-a-kind, locally owned products and services to the area. Since they also pride themselves on being locally owned and managed, it seems likely that CITY Laundering will be a good fit to the Polk City community and culture.

“I’ve had the opportunity to meet and visit with third generation President Colin Wetlaufer, Des Moines Regional Manager Mark Ballo, and a few others while they were in Polk City conducting interviews to fill open positions. They are dedicated to being locally owned and managed and providing the best service possible. They are genuinely nice people, and they are going to fit into the Polk City community very well,” Mahan said.

CITY Laundering celebrated their groundbreaking ceremony on Oct. 23 at the Big Creek Technology Campus located in Polk City. After approximately two years of planning, construction of the new facility is currently anticipated to be completed in the spring of 2018.