Brenda Brink, lifelong rural Iowan, community leader, mother of two, and former educator from Huxley, announced her candidacy to represent Iowa House District 49, which includes Hardin and Story counties.

“I’m running for the Iowa House because for a long time, we took it for granted that Iowans in political power had our best interests at heart. But, after the last harmful legislative session, many of us realized that we must now pitch in and fix the mess politicians in Des Moines left. I am an everyday Iowan who has the heart and energy to fight for the interest of hardworking families across the state. I want an Iowa that is healthy and prosperous, that attracts our young to stay here and that attracts others to move here and help us grow.”

Brink was born and raised in southwest Iowa on a farm in Fremont County. She attended Iowa State University and became a licensed dietitian. Previously, Brink worked at Mercy Hospital and Bethany Life nursing as a dietitian, primarily caring for older Iowans. Brink then went on to teach nutrition courses at DMACC.

“As a lifelong Iowan, I’m ready to stand up for my rural community in the Iowa House. I am running to be an advocate for public education, bring good jobs to our rural communities, make sure all Iowans have accessible, affordable healthcare, and protect our environment through sustainable solutions.”

Brink has been married to another lifelong rural Iowan, Curtis Burger, for 32 years, they have two sons. Brink has spent much of her life improving her community through many different causes and organizations. She has been involved with 4-H since her youth, citing it as an excellent opportunity for community service and leadership and continues to be involved in Story County 4-H. Brink has also led Ballard Community Dollars for Scholars.

“I believe that our rural communities are worth fighting for because we don’t have an Iowa without them. This campaign is about advocating for the people I’ve known my whole life: everyday Iowans who work hard and want the same opportunities for their kids that they had.”

Brink is holding two candidate Meet and Greets this month, the first on Tuesday, Oct. 17, at 5 p.m., held at Pine Lake State Park in Eldora and the second on Thursday, Oct. 19, at 5 p.m., held at Black Cat Acres in Nevada.

Brink is a Democratic candidate for the Iowa House of Representatives.