From the Slater News, 1918, name withheld by the writer

“Lots of times I wondered what I’d do or think of when I got into battle and the bullets began to fly. It was first to get the other fellow, but when one comrade after another began to reel and fall, things became serious and thoughts would go back to Mother and God.

I tell you, Dad, getting under fire tests a man in more ways than one. Even the merry-go-lucky fellow becomes real sober and does a lot of thinking by himself. Many of the boys have died from what is called illness. I should call it homesickness.”

This letter was published in the Slater News during World War I. It is one of many quoted in the current Slater Area Historical Association’s exhibit “The Great War – Slater and Story County in World War One.” The exhibit marks the 100th anniversary of what was called the Great War. On display are excerpts of letters, artifacts like dog tags, and uniforms from Slater area soldiers and their families. This extensive exhibit is on display now and into 2018 at Heritage Hall, 318 First Avenue, Slater. Hours are 10-2 on Thursdays and 6-8 on Wednesday evening. Or call 515-480-9789 for an appointment. Admission is free to the public. Groups welcome.