The Ballard High School auditorium was booming with Rock’n’Roll on Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 3.

The band, Gooding, performed for students at Ballard High School, as well as for kids at another high school earlier in the day.

After the blaring guitars and roaring drums ended, co-founder, guitarist and lead singer of the band, Steve Gooding, talked to students about financial literacy.

Gooding shared his own personal stories and mistakes, telling students he didn’t know what a credit score was until it was too late, and how too often he depended entirely on getting a record deal.

“I was a kid that thought a record deal was going to fix all my problems, but you have to go slow and steady,” Gooding said. “If you’ve got a dollar in your pocket, you have more money than many of these famous people.”

Gooding told students it doesn’t matter if a person has a hundred dollars or a million dollars, because if they aren’t good at managing the money, they will always be in the red.

Gooding and the band also discussed with students the difference between a debit card and credit card, applying for scholarships, student loans and starting to save for retirement now instead of later.

“I know it seems strange that a rock n’ roller is talking about financial literacy,” Gooding said. “I truly believe this is the key to keeping our hope alive and keeping things going for ourselves and our families.”