The Huxley Historical Society doesn’t have “pie in the sky” aspirations about its upcoming Huxley Red and Blue Fundraiser, but they are hoping a little “pie in the face” action will raise some nice donations that they can make to the agencies that protect the local community.

Janet Stoll, secretary of the Huxley Historical Society, had the idea for the pie fundraiser and also had the support of the rest of the Huxley Historical Society board members to make it happen.

The Huxley Red and Blue Fundraiser and its pie-in-the-face style was first thought of as a way to raise funds, with the idea of longtime and retired police chief, Nels Nord, facing off against current police chief, Mark Pote, Stoll explained. And Nord is also the current and founding president of the Huxley Historical Society, another relavent tie-in.

“The funds raised would have benefited the historical society,” Stoll said. But when she found out the theme for this year’s Prairie Fest was “Red and Blue - Supporting Fire and Police,” Stoll rethought the plan.

“I knew this was the perfect opportunity for not only the historical society to show its appreciation for our local first responders, but the rest of our community could too,” she said.

Stoll said it would be wonderful to be able to give each of the departments, police and fire, a large donation. But no matter what the amount turns out to be, she believes everybody will win - well, everybody but maybe those who have the pie in their faces - as the money will be split 50/50.

Police Chief Mark Pote and Fire Chief Chad Anthony have both agreed to sit on their respective teams, both secretly hoping that the other’s agency gets more monetary votes.

The way it works, Stoll said, is that donation cans have been placed in several businesses in Huxley. “The person making a donation is able to choose which team they would like to receive the (custard, pudding style) pies. The team that has the most funds raised will be on the receiving end of the pies. Each member of that team will get a pie in their face,” brought to them courtesy of pie-tossers on the opposing team.

Residents have until sometime on Friday, Aug. 25, when all the cans will be collected, and then on Saturday, the “winner” will be announced after the parade as people gather at the Railway Park Amphitheater. And at 11:45 a.m., the act of “getting pied” will take place in the park.

Along with the red versus blue fundraiser, the Huxley Historical Society is also still holding its pie-eating contest for several children’s age groups. Stoll said they are doing away with the adult category. “The kids had a blast, but we didn’t have much of a turnout for the adults,” Stoll said.