Danger meets sophistication tonight when the Lucky Losers perform live at The Washington, 306 Washington St. in Burlington.

Cathy Lemons and Phil Berkowitz are well-known and respected in the San Francisco music scene, and The Washington gets the same accolades around the U.S. as a premiere contemporary music venue.

The Washington excels at bringing us talent from around the world that we'd likely never hear otherwise. Tonight is no exception: The Lucky Losers will rock that joint beginning at 8 p.m.

“These guys came across the radar as a national touring act,” Washington manager Tyler French told The Hawk Eye. “And as usual we definitely appreciate the swinging blues.”

One way to evaluate someone you've never heard before is to read reviews by those who have. Let's take a moment to do just that:

“Cathy Lemons really sounds like she should/could be Bonnie Raitt’s long lost duet partner she never sang with,” Chris Specter wrote in Midwest Record a year ago.

Real Blues gets the most ink with their oft-quoted elucidation calling Lemons “the finest light-skinned blues singer in the U.S.”

It's amazing that so many writers are still hesitant to tell it like it is; Lemons is a white woman, simple as that.

Whatever; New Jersey native Berkowitz garners fewer hyperbolic bellringers, as exemplified by this succinct outline from the San Jose Mercury News: “Top-flight blues singer/harmonica player.”

Berkowitz has chops, no doubt about that.

And nearly everyone hauls out that old war dog, “blue-eyed soul” sooner or later.

“It’s as if Delaney & Bonnie took over Stax Records,” Mike Greenblatt wrote of the duo for Classicalite.

Ah, here we go; something that lets us know this dyad isn't composed of a wailing woman paired with a mute man: “Cathy Lemons’ strong and crystal clear voice and Phil Berkowitz’ rich and mellow pipes blend together like a match made in heaven” came from a Blues Blast Magazine review of their debut CD, “A Winning Hand” written by Greg “Bluesdog” Szalony.

But let's go back to French's original assessment, “swinging blues.” That, more than any other, defines the Losers: “rockin' juke joint jive jumpers” and similar adjectival assemblages imply but don't illustrate as well and succinctly as “swinging blues.”

My, this band is fun, and funky, too.

“It's our pleasure to present some West Coast entertainment,” French said, “but this is a really great show in any part of the country.”

Tickets are $10 at the door. Doors open at 6 p.m., showtime is 8. Call 319-758-9553 for more information.