A little white church, over 115 years old nestled in a small town, waits for members to come through the red doors each Sunday morning. And the bell tower overlooks each person and still calls its members to worship and fellowship with the ringing of its bell. Several years ago, it was noticed that a very large stain was in the sanctuary from a leak coming from the bell tower. The members were really feeling the urgency to work on the leak as well as paint the tower. For a year or more, companies were contacted to try and look at the bell tower. No company wished to tackle this huge project.

Finally, a local company agreed to take on the project for this little church and small congregation. As it turns out it was a very costly project because of the rotten wood, but we are very grateful that Hendrick Construction was willing to take on the project. After the first day of construction, or maybe the word to describe the work is de-construction, the foreman informed the church if the tower had not been taken care of the wood was so rotten it would have fallen through and the damage would have destroyed the tower. As this news spread through the congregation, as well as the photos of the rotten wood, prayers of thanksgiving were said, along with sighs of relief.

We hope you’ll come and see the newly constructed and painted bell tower soon. We are pleased to think it will last another 115 years for our community. It will continue to call all to worship on Sunday morning from our little church in our little town.

Nazareth Lutheran Church stands on the end of Vine Street in Cambridge. It was built in 1902 by local Norwegians in the community who attended Palestine Lutheran Church. They built this church in Cambridge because of all the members who lived in eastern Story County, near Maxwell. It celebrated its 100th year in 2002. The building is charming and the stained glass windows are beautiful, which were redone in 2000.