At approximately 1701 hours on Aug.6, the Story County Sheriff’s Office was called to the 500 block of Second Street in Maxwell to follow up on an incident involving an adult male with multiple weapons. Negotiators were called to the scene to convince the individual to exit the residence. Barricades were set up to block the roads near the residence for the safety of the public. At approximately 2145 hours, the individual exited the house and was taken to a medical facility for a mental health evaluation. There were no injuries to him or law enforcement.

The individual involved in this incident was identified as Benjamin Kent Dykstra, a 42-year-old from Maxwell. He has been charged with assault while displaying a weapon (aggravated misdemeanor), domestic abuse (simple misdemeanor), harassment-1st degree (aggravated misdemeanor) and interference with official acts (simple misdemeanor). He is being held at the Story County Jail on $20,000 bond.

The Story County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the city of Maxwell, Story County Medical Center, the Maxwell United Methodist Church and Story County Sheriff’s Office volunteers for their help during this incident.