The Collins-Maxwell junior high and high school has been a very busy place since the last day of school, May 23.

During the summer months it is normal for small renovation projects to happen — some classroom painting, carpet or flooring replacement — basically working on projects that can’t happen with all the students in the building. This summer an even bigger transformation is starting to take place and school administrators are very excited to see the start of the projects.

I was lucky enough to get a few pictures from the principal, Jordan Nelson.

Usually the community and the students don’t see much change when they come back to school in August, even if lots of work took place over the summer. Roofing repairs and paint don’t thrill the kids a whole lot; however, the roofing repairs are certainly needed in building maintenance.

But since the students left the school in May as Raiders, when they return in August they will certainly see lots of changes as they are now the Spartans!

Right now the gym is a little bare, with the bleachers being removed. The gym floor should be worked on soon with sanding and a new logo.

Finally, I had heard that some updates will also happen at the elementary gym in Collins. A new scoreboard and some painting …we are going to be all brand new and ready to host lots of games when the new school year rolls around.

I know I am very excited to see the progress, and when I get something new to share, I will certainly pass it along. Looking forward to seeing all the new changes at the school open house in August. The school administrators have worked very hard to get these projects in motion, and I know the community is just as excited as I am to see it all when completed.