For the past two weekends, the CMB Booster club held a “garage sale” to get rid of the old CMB Raider uniforms, and let me tell you, there was lots of stuff there. From football jerseys to golf shirts, there was a little bit of everything you could want for a piece of Raider history, or even just for some extra clothing to have around the house. A lot of students bought their uniforms from this past season as a memento, some even that had graduated a few years ago stopped by and were surprised their old basketball jersey was still there. Besides a keepsake jersey, people were even purchasing the track sweats, either for extra clothes or some said they would keep them for camping.

Other items you had to wonder — what would I do with that? Well, some of the Collins-Maxwell high school boys showed the girls’ softball team last night what they could do with old uniforms from a garage sale… you show up and support the team playing, even if you are wearing old GIRLS’ softball uniforms! Yes, that is what they did, and they had fun with it. In fact, they said they will do it at the next home game.

I am happy to see the old uniforms being put to some good use, either for a keepsake item, spare clothes, I even heard a few quilters are making jersey quilts; I am just glad the Raider uniforms won’t be stuck in a box somewhere. They are a part of our school history and it’s good that everyone is getting a chance to take something from this time to have, even if it’s boys wearing them to cheer on the girls’ softball team. If you are wanting to purchase any items, they will be for sale over in Baxter June 17, from 8 a.m.-noon at the Baxter school, 202 E. State St.