Fjeldberg Lutheran Church Sunday School set a goal of raising $500 for world hunger. They called it Pigs for a Purpose, giving the money to ELCA World Hunger to purchase pigs for families in extreme poverty all over the world. They passed their goal and raised over $600, and to celebrate they had a pig party! This party marked the end of the Sunday School year and it celebrated all the good that had been done.

Over the school year, the kids did some remarkable things to impact their church, their community and the world. They created art projects to bring joy and love to members who are home-bound. They made May Day baskets and delivered them to Ballard Creek, and with them they delivered smiles and happiness. Throughout the year they raised money and gave items and help stock the food pantry, gave to the homeless and more. After two drives to collect for ELCA World Hunger, they were able to donate over $1,000 to help end world hunger, with sustainable living solutions.

After all the great things that came from Sunday School, they ended it with a great party. There were pig-themed foods, including mini corn dogs, little wienies, bacon and pig cookies. They played pig-themed games and did a pig photo booth. The party also included a local pig farmer, who gave education about all the benefits other than food that pigs have — surprisingly, they are good for more than just delicious meat. The day was a lot of fun and displayed the energy and enthusiasm the kids have for changing the world, one pig at a time.