On Tuesday, May 16, old friends took over part of Perkins in Ames, just as they took over classrooms, basketball games and baseball games at Roland High School, years ago. A time for talking about old memories and enjoying friends; making new memories. Interesting that most of these guys have stayed in the area, which makes it nice for get-togethers. We are sure a lot of Tri-County readers will recognize these, original men of the Heartland.

In attendance and where they are from were: Gary Thompson, class of 1953, Ames; Jim Olson class of 1953, Boone; Dean Hill, class of 1956, McCallsburg; Darrel Egemo, class of 1953, Sedalia, Colo.; Loren Sampson, class of 1946, Ankeny; David Twedt, class of 1953, Altoona; Loren Twedt class of 53, Story City; Dave Amensen class of 1955, Story City; Erwin Frerichs, class of 1952, Ankeny; Everett Sather, class of 1953, Ankeny; Paul Twedt class of 1958, Ames; Harris Twedt Jr, class of 1948, Story City and Ralph Johnson, class of 1951, Dayton.