Alleman beat the big towns!

In the Earth Month Plastic Bag Swap, sponsored by Metro Waste Authority, Alleman was the winner, bringing in 264 pounds of plastic bags during April.

The little community literally blew the competition away, as shown by the pounds of bags collected by the other top five contenders: Grimes, 187.04; Clive, 178.37; Johnston, 142.64 and Prairie City, 141.22. A total of 19 communities took part in the competition.

“Alleman residents were able to come together and win,” said Alleman Parks and Recreation representative Shari Buehler. “I’m proud of my neighbors joining in to help our town.”

For its efforts, the community of Alleman will receive a park bench made out of recycled plastic.

Program coordinator Trish Radke was pleased with all the communities that participated. She said in total, the communities collected 1,813 pounds of plastic bags, which is approximately 109,000 bags — enough to make nine park benches.

“Thank you again for your incredible effort,” she said in a release. She also reminded all residents of all the communities, “even though the contest is over, they can still recycle plastic bags at local grocery stores.”