Number of years you’ve been teaching:

31 years

Number of years you’ve been teaching for North Polk:

17 years

What positions have you held at North Polk and what is your current job that you will retire from?

High school special education and coaching, and I’m still doing the same today.

What other school districts did you teach in previous to North Polk?

Prairie Valley, South Tama and Johnston

Where were you raised and what did you love about your upbringing and schools you attended?

I was raised just outside of Alleman. Yes, I went to school here at North Polk. What I loved most about my upbringing and North Polk was and still is the characteristics that a small community brings. Everybody seems to care about everybody.

Why did you go into teaching/education? Did someone influence you?

I liked the idea of teaching kids, watching them grow, and knowing I maybe had a small part in that. I have a sister and two brothers-in-law who taught and coached.

If you had chosen another career, what might that have been?

Good question and I’m not really sure. Maybe some type of business profession.

What have you loved most about your time at North Polk Schools?

The teachers I work with, the parents I’ve gotten to know, the community as a whole and most importantly, the students.

What was the biggest challenge you faced over the years?

The biggest challenge at times is keeping up with changes in the teaching landscape. New ideas or theories about teaching seem to change from year to year.

Do you have any advice for those thinking about this profession or just starting out in the profession?

Be prepared for changes. Make sure you’re knowledgeable about the curriculum you’re teaching, but probably most important, have knowledge of the students you’re teaching. Know how to reach each and every one of them. Also, each day can bring different attitudes and emotions from the students, as well as maybe you as a teacher. Be ready to know how to handle them.

Who are the family members you will now enjoy spending more time with?

I will enjoy spending more time with all of my family members. However, not to be too biased, but my grandson will probably get the most time.

What activities do you hope to pursue in retirement?

Most any activities outside.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

If you have patience and can be flexible with what each day brings, and you like kids, then teaching is a great profession. Although 31 years sounds like a long time, as I think about it, it’s gone pretty fast.