The Cambridge Volunteer Fire Department received a major grant of $25,000 from Story County Community Foundation (SCCF) last fall. The project adds 2,430 square feet onto the present 3,000 square feet building. Current space limitations require some trucks and equipment to be stored at a city garage. The 10-foot wide doors leave only two inches of clearance on each side as the fire trucks respond to a call. Space behind the trucks, where the personal protective equipment (PPE) is stored, gets very congested as 10-12 firemen try to put on their PPE with only 2-3 feet between the trucks and equipment storage.

According to Fire Chief Bill Hook, “the major impact of the building expansion will be improved emergency response time due to wider 12-foot doors, and more space to get into PPE. Other significant improvements will be greater equipment storage and room for training events.”

The balance of the $80,000 project will be provided from funds raised by the fire department over the last 10 years. The project is ahead of schedule, with completion expected in May.

SCCF awards one major grant of up to $25,000 each year and is proud to support this 100 percent volunteer fire department. For more information on community grants, visit the SCCF webpage at or call the SCCF office at 515-232-9200.