The old Chader house, a stucco edifice that stood as a Slater landmark for 100 years or so, is no more. The dated building met its demise Saturday morning as the main subject of fire training featuring four fire departments from the area.

The home was built for Aimel and Louise Chader back in the early 1900s. Louise was one of Slater’s first business owners. She established a tailoring business in 1888. In 1890, she erected a store building to house her millinery and dressmaking business in Slater. She married Aimel in 1892. Aimel was a stonemason by trade. He later became a brickmason and plasterer. Louise died at the age of 91. At 92, Aimel still worked for wages. He died in his 96th year. The Chaders raised eight children.

A daughter, Eunice, was the last Chader to live in the home. A son, Shelby, a Slater attorney, owned the house for many years and lived across from it until his passing.

The house eventually became the property of Bethlehem Lutheran Church and was used for a time as Sunday school classes. Over the years, it became more and more of a financial burden in upkeep, and eventually the decision was made to burn it.

Slater fire chief Doug Nelson said that leading up to Saturday’s fire, other fire fighting training sessions had been conducted at the house. He added that besides Slater, firefighters from Cambridge, Madrid and Westory (Kelley) also participated in the training sessions.