The Iowa State Memorial Union is hosting an exhibit of watercolor illustrations for the children’s book, "Unsure to Be Sure," in the Pioneer Room on the third floor through Jan. 20.

"Unsure to be Sure" was written, illustrated and designed by Paula Streeter in 2011. The book represents part of the creative component for her master of fine arts degree in integrated studio arts at Iowa State. In addition to the illustrations for the children’s book, Streeter is also exhibiting encaustic and felting used to inform the development of the book.

When encountering a problem with any phase in the creating of Unsure, Streeter stepped into another media. She explains, "Painting with beeswax, or in encaustic, has not only provided time for ideas and narrative to incubate, it has inspired colors and patterns for the illustrations. Having difficulty working on the computer and often creating more stress than sound design solutions, wax fulfilled my need to work in a very tactile, malleable medium."

"Beyond the study of color and character, working in felt harkens back to the child within. The process of creating felted objects requires repetitive actions that remind me of craft projects done as a child. The expressions, shapes and placements of features on variously structured heads were explored in felt and then translated into two-dimension watercolor."

Streeter is a lecturer in landscape architecture at ISU and splits her time between Ames and Lake Park, Iowa.

The Iowa State Memorial Union is located at 2229 Lincoln Way in Ames on the ISU campus. The Pioneer Room is on the third floor. For viewing times between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., call 515-296-6848.