Registration for the eleventh annual Live Healthy Iowa Kids 10 Week Wellness Challenge has opened! This 10-week challenge (Jan 27-Apr 4) will encourage Iowa’s youth to consume healthier foods/beverages, as well as increase physical activity minutes. During the entire ten weeks, youth will track their activity minutes and during two-week time periods, the youth will track fruit intake, vegetable intake, milk consumption, water consumption and screen time minutes.

The challenge is designed in a competition format, so schools can choose to compete against other schools in their neighborhoods, or they may choose to offer competition amongst their own classrooms.

"The kids really enjoy this challenge," said Lisa Weber, coordinator for Live Healthy Iowa Kids, "they enjoy the competition and without even knowing it, they are making healthier, life-style changing choices because of it!"

The challenge is free for all youth and Live Healthy Iowa Kids is proud to offer weekly motivational emails, an online team tracking page, opportunities to win incentives during and after the challenge and access to many online resources. As usual, at the end of the challenge, five teams will be awarded cash prizes for their schools’ PE/Health department; one $1,000 prize and four $500 prize.

Interested in getting your school involved? Check out or contact Lisa at 888-777-8881, ext. 116 or