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Collins School History – Student Library Assistants

Source: Nevada Journal and School Annuals

Libraries are essential longtime established departments for school education. Students customarily assisted with library activity.

Student assistants for 1965-66 were: Kay Robinson, Marilyn Carson, Kay McQuiston, John Kloppenborg, Jack Richeson, Mike Mullihan, Tom Morrison, C. Earles, L. Findlay, J. Beales, V. McQuiston. For 1968-69: Teresa Luing, Joyce Whittaker, Linda Middleton, Marian Evans.

1971-72 student assistants were: Barb Boozell, Christina Morrison, Debbie Dodd, Rhonda Holsinger, Deanne Partridge, Carmon Clark, Angela Fronsdahl, Faculty advisor Mrs. Moore. For 1973-74: Delores Klemme, Christina Morrison, Ruth Baker, Deanne Partridge, Ken Parham, Verle Lint.

April 1969 Collins was reinstated as approved school to be eligible for State aid. Still to be resolved for future years was the employment of a "trained librarian." Collins and Maxwell Schools jointly employed a trained librarian within two years to comply with State regulations.

Joanie and Scott Reece of LaVista, Ne were back for the week-end and enjoyed a get together with friends in Maxwell at the home of Debbie Appelgate and Diana(Toots)Holst.

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