Collins Clippers 4-H meeting

Trailside Park was the location where nine Collins Clippers 4-H’ers met on Sunday, Sept. 14. President Nathan Wright called the meeting to order at 2:15 p.m. Brennen Struthers led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. We then discussed old business issues of the Collins Day activities and our club tour. Next we went into new business items. First, we went to the perennial flower bed, which we are to maintain at the park. It is in poor condition. We made a commitment to clean out the weeds as part of our Oct. 6 meeting. We will also add flowers, grasses and rocks to the garden next spring. Second on the agenda was what to do for National 4-H Week in October. It was decided that we will decorate windows in downtown Collins and provide cookies or brownies to the entities that help us out through the year. The final item of new business was to make tentative plans for food sales at the CAPOOT Pickin’ & Plowin’ Day, Oct. 19. The committee for this event will need to communicate as to the menu and workers. Christina Wright led the 4-H pledge and leader Dave Struthers made some comments about the new Hyperstream 4-H club. Our hosts, Logan Berg, Cassy Berg and Leah Davis, gave presentations on their vegetable garden, photography and sewing projects, respectively. We ended with juice drinks, Kool-Aid, brownies and cookies.

Donna’s Thought for the Day

"I believe that a hug is sometimes one of the most important things you can say without speaking."

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